Age:- 42Wife:- Brigitte Trogneux21 December 1977Height:- 175cm

Emmanuel Macron is the youngest President and Banker of France.who was elected president of France in 2017. He was born in Amiens, 21 December 1977.

Emmanuel Macron wins the presidency of the fifth republic without the backing of either the Socialists or the Gaullists. He was the first in the history Who achieved the presidency.

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Emmanuel Macron Photo

Emmanuel Macron Photo

All Information About Emmanuel Macron:



2.1 Inspector of Finances

2.2 Investment banker


3.1 Deputy Secretary-General of the Élysée

3.2 Minister of Economy and Finance

3.3 2017 French presidential bid


4.1 Bio

4.2 Physical Appearance

4.3 Girls Affairs And More

4.4 Emmanuel Macron Love story


5.1 Economy

5.2 Foreign Policy

5.3 Education


6.1 Domestic Policy


Migrant Crisis

Asylum and the refugee crisis





10.1 Social Media & Accounts

10.2 Some Other Facts


Emmanuel Macron was born in Amiens, 21 December 1977. The Macron Family was non-religious. Francoise, his Mother and Jean Michel, his father both were doctors.

His Father also a Professor of  Neurology at the University of Picardy. Emmanuel Macron raised in a non-religious family. Emmanuel Macron is a young president of France.

Emmanuel Macron Father & Mother

Father:- Jean Michel Macron(Professor)

Mother:- Francoise (Nogues)(a Physician)

Brother:- Not Known

Sister:- Not Known

Date Of Birth:- 21 December 1977

Birth Place:- Amiens France

Hometown:- Amiens France


Inspector of Finances

In 2004 after Completed his graduation from ENA, Macron became an Inspector in the (IGF)Inspection générale des finances, a branch of the Finance Ministry. Macron was mentored by Jean-Pierre Jouyet, the then-head of the IGF.

In 2006, Macron has declined the Job of managing director for Mouvement des Entreprises de France, the largest employer federation in France, offered by Laurence Parisot.

In August 2007 For Jacques Attali’s “Commission to Unleash French Growth” Macron was appointed deputy rapporteur.

He then became an investment banker in a highly-paid position at Rothschild & Cie Banque. As a member hee was appointed to the Attali Commission.

School:- Jesuits De La Providence(Lycee in Amiens) Elite High School Lycee Henri IV Paris, France

College/University:-  Philosophy at Paris Nanterre University Of Paris-Quest Nanterre La Defense Nanterre France Sciences Po(Paris Institute Of Political Studies) Paris, France

Education Qualification:- A Master Degree In Public Affairs From Science Po(Paris Institute of Political Studies)in 2004

Debut:- In 2006, When he became a Member of the socialist party(ps)

Investment banker

In September 2008, Macron left his job as an Inspector of Finances and after some time he took a position at Rothschild & Cie Banque. Macron was motivated to leave the government due to the election of Nicolas Sarkozy to the presidency. He was originally offered the job by François Henrot.

Macron build a relationship with Alain Minc, a businessman on the supervisory board of Le Monde. 2010, Macron was forward to partner with the bank after working on the recapitalization of Le Monde and the acquisition by Atos of Siemens IT Solutions and Services.

In the same year, Macron was appointed as managing director and put in charge of Nestlé’s acquisition of one of Pfizer’s largest subsidiaries based around baby drinks. February 2012, he advised the CEO businessman Philippe Tillous-Borde, of the Avril Group.

Macron reported that he had earned €2 million between December 2010 and May 2012. Between 2009 and 2013, His official documents show that he had earned almost €3 million. He left Rothschild & Cie in 2012.


Deputy Secretary-General of the Élysée

Emmanuel Macron is the eighth President of the Fifth Republic of France. In 2012, he became Deputy General Secretary of the Presidency of the Republic.

In 2004 Macron was offered a chance to be a candidate in the municipal elections in his hometown of Amiens. He declined the offer. Manuel Valls attempted to appoint Macron as the Budget Minister but François Hollande rejected the idea due to Macron never being elected before.

In July 2014, He left the office and served as the Minister for Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs from August 2014 to August 2016.

Minister of Economy and Finance

In the second Valls Cabinet on 26 August 2014 Macron was appointed as the Minister of Economy and Finance. He was the youngest Minister of the Economy.

In August 2015, Macron said that he was no longer a member of the Socialist Party and was an independent.

2017 French presidential bid

The first round of the presidential election 23 April 2017 (first round)

In the first round on 23 April, a run-off was held between the top two candidates,

Macron shows his intention to run with the formation of En Marche but following his resignation from the government, he was able to spend more time dedicating himself to his movement.

He first announced that he was considering running for President in April 2016 and after his resignation from the position of economy minister, media sources began to find patterns in Macron’s fundraising and typical presidential campaign fundraising tactics.

On 16 November 2016, Macron formally declared his candidacy for the French presidency after months of speculation. In his speech, Macron called for a “democratic revolution” and promised to “unblock France.

On 23 April 2017, Macron received the most votes in the first round of the presidential election, with 24% of the overall vote and more than 8 million votes altogether. In the second round, He progressed with Marine Le Pen. Former candidates François Fillon and Benoît Hamonvoiced their support for Macron.

The second round of the presidential election 7 May 2017 (second round)

Macron qualified for the run-off against National Front candidate Marine Le Pen on 23 April 2017. President François Hollande also endorsed Macron.

A debate was arranged between Macron and Le Pen on 3 May 2017. The result of the second round on 7 May indicated that Macron had been elected President of France with 66.1% (20,743,128) of the vote compared to opposite Marine Le Pen’s 33.9%(10,638,475) by a decisive margin, and Le Pen defeat.


Macron is married to Brigitte Trogneux 24 Years of his senior Who was a teacher in his high school La Providence High School in Amiens. Macron was met to Brigitte at the theatre workshop that she was giving when he was a 15-year-old student and she was a 39-year-old teacher, but they only became a couple once he was 18.

His wife’s age is 66 years old. He has three children. Daughter name is Laurence, Tiphaine(Both are stepdaughters).

  • Bio

         Full Name:- Emmanuel Jean-Michel-Frederic Macron

         Age (as in 2019):- 42

         Party:- Sociality Party(2006-2009)


Le Republique En Marche(2016-Present)

         Biggest Rival:- Marine Le Pen

         Profession:- Political

         Nationality:- French

         Religion:- Romanroman Catholicism

         Ethnicity:- French

         Zodiac sign:- Sagittarius

         Hobbies:- Cycling, Playing, Tennis, Playing The Piano

  • Physical Appearance

    Height:- In centimeters- 175cm

In meters- 1.75m

In Feet inches- 5’ 9”

   Weight:- 73kg


   Eye Colour:- Blue

   Hair Color:- Brown

  • Girls Affairs And More

          Marital Status:- Married

          Affairs/Girlfriends:- Brigitte Trogneux High school Teacher (1992-Present)

Mathieu Gallet, Radio France CEO(Rumoured)

         Wife:- Brigitte Trogneux High school Teacher (M-2007)

         Children:- 3, Daughter-Laurence, Tiphaine(Both are stepdaughters)

Emmanuel Macron

Money Factor

Salary:- Annual: £169,195.00; Monthly: £14,099.58; Weekly: £3,253.75; Daily: £650.75.

Net Worth:- $31.5 Million

French President Emmanuel Macron’s net worth is $31.5 million.

House:- Elysee Palace, the official residence of the President of the French Republic

Emmanuel Macron Love story

Emmanuel Macron’s love story began 24 years ago when Macron was only 15 and played a minor character in a play at his school directed by drama teacher Brigitte Trogneux, 24 years senior to him.

Brigitte Trogneux was the drama teacher of 15-year young boy Macron, the teenage boy fell for. Brigitte first became a mentor, then a partner and then finally became the wife. After winning the fiercely-debated French election, Macron said, “Without her, I wouldn’t be me.”


France young Emmanuel Macron returns to hometown in bid to win back public opinion. The popularity of french Emmanuel Macron still weak after Notre-Dame fire: poll.

Emmanuel Macron with Wife

Emmanuel Macron with Wife


Macron builds the centrist political party En Marche with the attempt to create a party that can cross partisan lines.


Emmanuel is a supporter of a new Law “El Khomri law”. He became the most vocal proponent of the economic overhaul of the country. Macron has stated that he wants to go further than the El Khomri law when reforming the Labor code.

Macron is in favor of tax cuts. 2017 Presidential Election, Macron proposed cutting the corporate tax rate from 33.3% to 25%. He wants to remove investment income from the wealth tax. so that it is completely a tax on high-value property.  Macron also wants to exempt 18 million households from local residence tax, branding the tax as “unfair” during his 2017 presidential campaign

Macron is against raising taxes on the highest earners. When asked about François Hollande’s proposal to raise income tax on the upper class to 75%, Macron compared the policy to the Cuban taxation system. Macron supports stopping tax avoidance.

Macron has supported cutting the amount of civil servants by 120,000. He also supports spending cuts, saying he would cut 60 billion euros in public spending over a span of five years.

In March 2018, Macron announced that the government would spend 1.5 billion euros ($1.9 billion) on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to boost innovation. The money would be used to sponsor research projects and scientific laboratories, as well as to finance startup companies within the country whose focus is AI.

Foreign Policy

In 2012, Macron was a Young Leader with the French-American Foundation. In January 2017, he said France needed a more “balanced” policy toward Syria, including talks with Bashar al-Assad. He has warned if the Syrian regime uses chemical weapons during his presidency he will act unilaterally to punish it.

Emmanuel has called for a peaceful solution during the 2017 North Korea crisis, though he agreed to work with US President Trump against North Korea. Macron and Trump apparently conducted a phone call on 12 August 2017 where they discussed confronting North Korea, denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula and enforcing new sanctions.

Macron and Trump apparently conducted a phone call on 12 August 2017 where they reviewed confronting North Korea, denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula and enforcing new sanctions.

In response to the death of the Chinese Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo, who died of organ failure while in government custody, Macron praised Liu as “a freedom fighter”. Macron also described as “extremely fruitful and positive” his first contacts with China’s President Xi Jinping


Macron supports giving more autonomy to schools and universities. Macron wants to make a program that forces schools to pay experienced teachers with higher salaries and give them more educational freedom.

He wants to combat the issue of income inequality in schools by attempting to improve working-class schools and providing incentives to more well-off children as a way to persuade them to attend working-class schools. Macron wants to make vocational education a priority. He has referred to Germany’s system as one that his government would follow when putting forward measures relating to vocational education.


In the 2017 legislative election, Emmanuel Macron’s party La République en Marche and its Democratic Movement allies secured a comfortable majority, winning 350 seats out of 577.

After The Republicans emerged as the winners of the Senate elections, government spokesman Christophe Castaner stated the elections were a “failure” for his party.

Domestic Policy

In his first few months as president, Macron pressed for the enactment of a package of reforms on public ethics, labor laws, taxes, and law enforcement agency powers.


Macron’s plan to give his wife an official role within government came under fire with criticisms ranging from it being undemocratic to what critics perceive as a contradiction to his fight against nepotism.

Following an online petition of nearly 290,000 signatures on Macron abandoned the plan. On 9 August, the National Assembly adopted the bill on public ethics, a key theme of Macron’s campaign, after debates on the scrapping the constituency funds.

Migrant Crisis

On 23 June 2018, President Macron said: “The reality is that Europe is not experiencing a migration crisis of the same magnitude as the one it experienced in 2015”, “As, Like Italy, A country has not at all the same migratory pressure as last year.

Asylum and the refugee crisis

Speaking on refugees and, specifically, the Calais Jungle, Macron said he wouldn’t allow another refugee camp to form in Paris before outlining the government policy towards immigration and asylum.

He announced plans to speed up asylum applications and deportations but give refugees better housing.


28 September 2018 Narendra Modi, Emmanuel Macron jointly awarded UN’s Champions of Earth Award.



National Honours

  • 14 May 2017 automatic upon taking presidential office, Honour-Grand Master & Grand Cross of the National Order of the Legion of Honour.
  • 14 May 2017 automatic upon taking presidential office, Honour-Grand Master & Grand Cross of the National Order of Merit.

Foreign Honour

  • 19 November 2018, Honour- Grand Cordon of the Order of Leopold in Belgium Country.
  • 29 August 2018, Honour- Grand Cross of the Order of the White Rose with Colla in Finland.
  • 28 August 2018, Honour- Knight of the Order of the Elephant in Denmark country.
  • 2 February 2018, Honour- Grand Cross of the National Order of the Lion in Senegal country.
  • 31 January 2018, Honour- Grand Cordon of the Order of the Republic of Tunisia in Tunisia country.
  • 7 September 2017, Honour- Grand Cross of the Order of the Redeemer in Greece country.
  • 5 June 2014, Honour- Commander of the Order of the British Empire in United Kingdom country.
  • 9 December 2012, Honour- Grand Officer of the Order of the Southern Cross in Brazil country.


  • Le Trombinoscope (2014, 2016)
  • Charlemagne Prize (2018)
  • Champion of the Earth (2018


  • Revolution, ed. Scribe Publications, 2017.
  • Macron par Macron, ed. l’Aube, 2017.


Emmanuel Macron is launching a space command to rival Trump as cosmic ‘arms race’ looms. Macron Says , Iron and France working on a plan to salvage the nuclear deal.

Recently,  Macron urged to take action over the EU migrant crisis – ‘Stop the suffering!’ African Leaders join Macron at Commemoration WWII Leadings in Provence.

Social Media & Accounts

Emmanuel Macron is active on social media account like Instagram and Twitter.

Instagram:- followers)

Twitter:- followers)


Some Other Facts

  • 3 August 2019, Emmanuel macron has been facing severe backlash over his plans to reform the French labour code and implement new taxes.
  • French Unemployment fall eases on Emmanuel Macron.
  • Emmanuel Macron was the youngest candidate 2017 presidential election in France.
  • He was an investment banker, before entering politics.
  • Macron studied philosophy at Paris Nanterre University before completing his master’s of public affairs at the Sciences Po and graduating. The latter two are among the most prestigious French schools.
  • He became minister of economy, industry and digital data under President Francois Hollande in 2014.
  • His lack of experience in elected office.
  • Macron, at the age of 39, became the youngest president in French history.
  • The Macron Law was passed, When he was Ministry for the Economy and Finance.
  • He started his own political party
  • Emmanuel Marcon is the youngest French head of state since the period of Napoleon, as well as the first President of France born after the establishment of the Fifth Republic in 1958
  • He was raised in a non-religious family.
  • Macron resigned from the post of Economy Minister on August 30, 2016, before the 2017 Presidential election, to devote himself to his new political party En Marche.
  • He has a passion for piano and has studied piano for nearly 10 years in his youth. His other hobbies include skis, tennis, and boxing.
  • He published a book title “Revolution,” on November 2, 2016, in support of his campaign. The book went on to become one of the bestselling books in France of the year.
  • He got a Master’s degree in Public Affairs at the Sciences Po, majoring in “Public Guidance and Economy.”
  • He is said to advocate for national health insurance covering optics, hearing and dental care, which would more likely cost the government €4.4 billion a year.
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